Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform and Merchandize Accounting System for the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) contracted with Cayzen to analyze the feasibility of implementing a data warehouse at the agency. Based on this feasibility study Cayzen was hired through a competitive procurement to develop the Merchandize Accounting System and LCB Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform.

The Challenge

A number of silo data sources that resided in Excel, Access, and other legacy formats.

Cayzen Delivers

Phase I – Feasibility Study: Cayzen was contracted for a feasibility study to support the decision for commissioning the data warehouse along with the Department of Information Services.

Phase II – Implementation: Cayzen architected, designed, and built the enterprise data warehouse platform. Cayzen also built the merchandize accounting application based on the operational data store created as a result of the business intelligence effort. Cayzen worked in collaboration with LCB data warehouse group and also mentored a number of LCB IT team members on business intelligence.

Customer Benefits

Cayzen completed the project on time and within budget. The feasibility study, business intelligence roadmap, process ontology, data ontology, system interactions, agency IT architecture, and IT roadmap were delivered. The proof of concept data warehouse was also delivered which included point of sale and payment data from the agency statewide retail operations. The proof of concept included not just a conformed star schema data warehouse but also a set of analysis cubes to enable easy data browsing by business users.

The feasibility study and proof of concept demonstrated the technical viability and business value of the data warehouse. The roadmap and IT architecture provided a clear direction for the initial project and its ongoing maintenance. As a result of Cayzen’s work, LCB decided to move forward with the project and was able to secure funding. The final data warehouse platform delivered in Phase II of the project is currently operational at LCB. The analysis cubes are used for trending, monthly reporting and planning in LCB retail operations, and have helped remove some of the manual report assembly that was previously needed to store and compare historical data.

The merchandize accounting application removed a number of silo data sources that resided in Excel, Access, and other legacy formats. The adjustment application was able to close a number of audit findings and streamline the agency workflow.

Customer Speak

With Cayzen's help, we not only built an enterprise data warehouse platform but also a merchandize accounting application... in time and within budget!

- Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

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