4 Reasons To Build Common Context For Agile Project Success

Organizations today are fascinated with buzzwords like Agile and backlog prioritization. They are asking their technology partners to use the accompanying methodologies and processes while developing solutions for them. Their curiosity is coupled with limited understanding of how these concepts actually get implemented on the work floor.

While there are clear benefits of incremental and iterative software development approaches such as Agile, it is imperative for organizations to take a step back and focus more on building common context with their technology partners for effective problem solving. Bolstering up Agile methodologies with common context increases the probability of project success significantly.

The following are the benefits of building common context in any software development project:

Development Gets Aligned With Business

When common context is set, the development team understands the needs of the business and keeps them in mind while building the solution. This is important for unleashing the true value of the solution to the business.

The Pressure On The Product Owner Decreases

The product owner usually has to juggle the expectations of superiors and keep them satisfied. If common context is set at the beginning of the project and each development iteration, the product owner is relieved from fulfilling such obligations and can focus on delivering true value without any bias.

Justice Can Be Done While Prioritizing The Backlog

The product owner can prioritize the backlog to lay focus on the most important work and put it at the top of the list. Less important work can be ranked lower, which eventually keeps moving towards the top. As new work comes in, it can be added to the backlog in the appropriate position so that the development team always knows what to start next.

Cost And Time Are Saved

When expectations are well aligned and backlog is effectively prioritized, the project usually has a positive outcome. The business gets a robust solution that has undergone rigorous iterations of collaborative planning and execution, which not only ensures timely delivery but also enormous cost savings.

So next time, focus on building common context at the beginning of each development iteration. At the end, review, reflect, and repeat.

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